5 Simple Tips To Help You Get Into Reading

Outside of a dog, a book is man’s best friend. Inside of a dog, it’s too dark to read. ~Groucho Marx

Not a reader but want to give it a shot?

Then this is for you.

Let’s get into not one, but FIVE tips for giving reading a fair shake.

A curly-haired, brown-skinned woman wearing a black hat sits cross-legged on a leather sofa reading a book. The is a wall of books behind her. An Article: Tips tto Help You Get Into Reading.

Tip #1: Keep An Open Mind

You and reading may not have had the best relationship in the past and that’s ok. What matters now is that you’re wanting to give it a shot.

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REVISITED: My 2020 Reading Goals. How Did I Do?

Tis’ the season for looking back.

As we make our way through the last week of 2020, many of us are making New Years resolutions, reviewing the year gone by, and charting course for where to go from this point forward.

With that said, I’d like to look back too, at one thing in particular: my 2020 reading goals.

So, how’d I do?

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Am I Rocking Out My 2020 Reading Goal? (Feb. Update)

Hey Y’all,

How’s it goin’; how ya been?

Fantastic, I hope.

Today, I thought it would be cool to do a pulse-check on my reading goal, since we’re about to bid adieu to February and say –hello– to March.

My Goal: Read 50 books this year.

50 is a stretch because 24 books is the most I’ve ever read in a year. As you can see, I’m aiming to double that number.

Number of Books Read In 2020: a whopping 3!

Since this is really the first time we’re talking about this reading goal, let’s get into some background.

The Reason Why I Set This Goal

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Audio-Book Chronicles: I Found One I Like…I Think

I hate audiobooks!

Well, hate may be too strong a word, so let me walk that back.

Let’s just say that audio-books and I don’t vibe, most of the time. Though, I have had a lot of luck with Contemporary Romances.

Despite having tried other audio-genres, and finding myself disinterested, I wanted to give John Marrs’ The Passengers a shot.

So, I borrowed it from the library.

Synopsis: Eight people have their self-driving cars hacked. They each receive a message: in 2.5 hours, it is highly likely that you will be dead.

The passengers are – An expectant mom. A film star. A wife. Her husband. A suicidal man. A disabled war hero. An illegal immigrant. An abusive wife fleeing her husband.

Who lives? Who dies? You be the judge. But is there more to the passengers than meets the eye?

Long story short: I gave it 4 stars.

The first two parts were thrilling!

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Note To Self…Home Alone? No Horror Novels!

I had a plan.

I’d go home, relax a bit, read a bit while the sun was still out, then start dinner.

With every intention to follow through on my plan, I turned on the television.

Hooked on a movie, the sun set.

Afterwards, I started dinner, cleaned a bit, and walked a mile on the treadmill.

Well into the evening, I decided to pick up that book after all.

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The Title: The Carrow Haunt by Darcy Coats.

Not really one for horror novels since R.L. Stine’s Fear Street series of the late 90’s…don’t you dare try and guess my age 😀 …I wanted to try a spooky story.

::The Carrow Haunt tells the fictional tale of eight strangers’ 2 week stay in a defunct, rumoredly haunted, hotel. ::

I started reading on Saturday, and read a little more on Sunday before making a firm agreement with myself to only read when someone was home with me.

Eager to get back to the story, I caved on Tuesday NIGHT, and read one full chapter.

After that, a few things happened:

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How to Read More Books: 3 Tips That Helped Me

Want to read more but aren’t quite sure how to make that happen?

No worries, I’ve come up with 3 tips that have helped me read everyday, even when it seems like I don’t have the time. Perhaps they will help you too.

When I use these tips consistently, I’m able to finish one book every 3 weeks. That’s 17 books a year! Not too shabby.

Let’s get into it.

Heads up: Affiliate links ahead, which means I could earn a small fee if you make a purchase using one of these links.

1. Make Reading a Priority

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E-books, Audiobooks, or Physical Books? My Thoughts

Today, I though it would be interesting to talk about how we like to read. Whether we prefer physical book, audio-books, or e-books.

They’re all valid ways to read, in my opinion, and though one isn’t better than another, we each have our preferred methods.

There is no right or wrong here.

To find out my thoughts on each, and learn which method(s) I prefer, keep on reading.

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