5 Simple Tips To Help You Get Into Reading

Outside of a dog, a book is man’s best friend. Inside of a dog, it’s too dark to read. ~Groucho Marx

Not a reader but want to give it a shot?

Then this is for you.

Let’s get into not one, but FIVE tips for giving reading a fair shake.

A curly-haired, brown-skinned woman wearing a black hat sits cross-legged on a leather sofa reading a book. The is a wall of books behind her. An Article: Tips tto Help You Get Into Reading.

Tip #1: Keep An Open Mind

You and reading may not have had the best relationship in the past and that’s ok. What matters now is that you’re wanting to give it a shot.

But whatever your past gripes about reading were, if any, take care that they don’t creep in and smother your burgeoning reading interest.

Simply, put those aside and approach reading with an open mind.

Tip #2: Read Your Interest

Wherever your interests lie, there’s a book for you.

Whether you enjoy bad-boy, or hood romances, stories set in Switzerland, Manga, Comics, Graphic Novels, Period Dramas, Memoirs, Non-Fiction, True Crime, detective stories, Young Adult, Middle Grade, or whatever – there is a book with your name on it.

And while we’re at it, don’t worry about, or be swayed by, what’s popular or what others are into: be your own Drum Major. Pinpoint what you enjoy, and read accordingly.

In doing so, you’ll give yourself the greatest chance of blossoming into a full-fledged reader.

Tip #3: Be A Proud Quitter

Not enjoying what you’re reading? Put that Q on your chest and quit.

No, seriously: quit.

There are a bajillion books in the world, and that many more possiblities for you to find something that you enjoy. So, why waste time on a book you’re not enjoying?

And let me tell you, ain’t no shame in quittin’ a book if it ain’t for you.

What will you lose?


Tip #4: Toe-Dip

When I’m daunted by the idea of starting a new book, know what I do?

I inch along.

Simply put, I set a micro-goal for how many pages I’d like to read in a sitting, which is usually something like 5 pages.

Manageable, right?

After a few days, guess what usually happens. Go on, take a guess.

…the book gets sticky, and I have trouble putting it down.

And let me say that it is super satisying to be so engrossed in a story.

But, if you’re genuinely not feeling the book, see Tip #3, after ensuring that you’re good with Tip #1 first.

Tip #5: Being “The Tortise” Is OK

Reading is not a race, so do it at your own pace.

Besides, you’re reading for yourself, and your own enjoyment.

Fun fact: Your girl reads like a tortise-snail-sloth.

…it’s a new species, just discovered.

But you know what?

This tortise-snail-sloth finishes books.

Case-in-point, earlier this year it took me 3 months to finish a book: three! Which is much longer than normal. But I was determined to finish it, and I did.

So, no matter how long it takes you, a finished book is a finished book. And that is a great thing.

The Hare lost anyway.

And with that said, we’ve come to the end of the road. I hope you found at least on these 5 tips for getting into reading, helpful.

Best of luck on your reading journey and Happy Reading!

All the Best,