In Review: The Arms Reach Clear-Vue™ CO-SLEEPER® Bassinet

A mom holding her baby's hand as she lies in her bed and he in his Arm's Reach Clear Vue Co-sleeper Bassinet. In Review.

One year.

That’s how long its been since I decided to get the Arms Reach Clear-Vue Co-Sleeper Bassinet for my baby, Plum.

In that year, I’ve used it and had plenty of time to cement my thoughts on it.

So, if you’re considering getting this bassinet, or just want to know more about it, we’ll get into: why I picked it, the bassinet and it’s features, our experience with it (Plum & I), the two things I didn’t like about it, good reasons to consider one, and finally, we’ll wrap everything up.

Lets get into it.

Why I Chose The Arm’s Reach Clear-Vue

As a soon to be first time mom, I was clueless about the best sleeping option for us. I tried to figure it out by asking myself questions like – should I use a bassinet, or a crib? Bedshare, as others suggested? And, how do I imagine my daily life as a stay-at-home mom?

Although, with no prior experience, I could only get a hazy view.

I was sure of two things though: 1) I wanted her close to me at all times. 2) I could not see myself bedsharing.

I envisioned a crib for our room, but nope – too clunky, too bulky, and too awkward in our space (although, it is more cost-effective to buy a crib, instead of that plus a bassinet).

I knew wanted her right beside me to make breastfeeding easier, which I planned to do.

I also needed something that I could move around with ease, because I wanted to keep an eye on her at all times.

So, a bassinet it was. And with that, I began my search.

After looking through what felt like a ton of options, I found the Arms Reach Clear-Vue. I liked it because it had 4 wheels – the only one I came across like that. I did see others with 2, and many with none. And the price was fine for me, so, I took note of it and kept searching.

Others made the list too – colored ones, less pricey ones, ones with no wheels at all, and as we’ll get to right now, no storage. These were so cute that they almost swayed me from my top requirement, mobility.

With my list in hand, it was elimination time. As I revisited the Clear-Vue, I noticed something else, besides the wheels: its storage bin. It was big!

But, I had already purchased a Rolling Diaper Cart, so did it really matter?

Yes, yes it did.

Why roll two things around when I could only roll one?

So, it shot to first place on my list.

Everything else hit the beats I needed it to, so I rolled with this bassinet. 😀

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About The Clear-Vue™ CO-SLEEPER® Bassinet

The Arm's Reach Clear Vue Co-Sleeper Bassinet. It has 4 castor wheels, a large bottom storage bin, and an upper bassinet area with mesh sides. In Review.

The Arms Reach Clear-Vue is a freestanding bassinet that can also be used as a co-sleeper. All 4 sides are made with soft, see-through mesh, so you can easily see your baby at all times. Beneath the sleeping area is a large storage bin.

Its 4 castor wheels make rolling a breeze. And each wheel has its own lock.

You can adjust the bassinet’s height, in 2 inch increments, to align with your mattress. The Clear-Vue’s height ranges from 24 to 30 inches.

The mattress is a firm polyurethane pad. One gray sheet is provided for it.

Each end has a handle for easier pushing and pulling.

It comes with a Nylon Strap & Plate for use with converting it to co-sleeper mode.

Solid gray, and solid white, are the color options.

The Clear Vue™ CO-SLEEPER® Bassinet can be used immediately after the baby arrives.


A side-by-side image. #1: The Arm's Reach Clear Vue Bassinet & Co-Sleeper assembled at home as we prepare for baby. #2: Baby girl, fresh home from the hospital, sleeping in the bassinet. A Review.

I wanted mobility and I got it!

Plum may as well have been a roly poly in those early months because I rolled her everywhere.

Rolling the bassinet was effortless on our laminate floors. The castor wheels never got stuck. She passed through most doors easily, all except the bathroom door, which has a smaller frame than the others. Even with the tighter fit, I still got her in there. #determination

I wheeled her to the living room, so we could chill; to the bathroom, when I needed to take a shower (because she’d wake up mid-shower, every. single. time.); to the kitchen to cook, when I was able to; and to our room, of course.

We had a swing, and a bouncer too, but she seemed most comfortable on flat surfaces during those first few months.

I used the heck out of the storage!

In addition to the bottom bin, there are 2 large end-pockets. ALL of Plum’s newborn items fit in her bassinet, and lots of other things too (blankets, diapers, toiletries, books, stuffed animals, you name it!) .

After she outgrew her newborn clothing, I stored her clothes in her dresser since there were so many (we were fortunate to have been gifted many clothing items for her). But everything else stayed in the bassinet’s storage area.

I had peace of mind.

I didn’t have to worry about her rolling off of furniture, or rolling into a pillow, or anything like that. She could still breath if her nose was pressed against the bassinet walls since the sides are made of mesh.

At first, this wasn’t a big deal, but it became a heck of a lot more important once she started scooting around at 3.5 months, not to mention once she learned to roll over.

I felt that she was safe and comfortable in her bassinet, whether sleeping, or lounging.

It’s sturdy.

The walls I bumped into, and items I ran over, certainly put that to the test! Ha!

As a bassinet, this was great.

I never got around to using it in co-sleeper mode. Lets chalk that up to the whirlwind of early motherhood, shall we?

Each night, I slept with the bassinet butted right up to my bed, which made it easy and convenient to see her, comfort her, reposition her, check on her, etc. I’d already adjusted the legs so that our mattresses were the same height. There are notches that click into place, so it was very simple to do.

We used the Clear-Vue until Plum was 6 months old, and I did not want to let it go! But we were overdue. The manufacturer says to use this until the baby is 5 months old, or starts to push up on hands and knees, whichever comes first.

By the time we switched over to her new sleeping arrangement, Plum had grown quite attached to her bassinet. She even had a question in her little eyes like – where is my other bed? No kidding.

Overall, I was happy with the Clear-Vue as a bassinet.


Remember the two color options, gray and white? Even though these neutral colors are suitable for any room or nursery, I would’ve liked more color options, maybe a baby pink, or lilac purple, for my girl.

The other thing is that the storage area would benefit from having compartments to help keep it neat and organized. I reorganized mine every week or two because things would get so jumbled around.

Reasons to Consider The Arms Reach Clear-Vue™ CO-SLEEPER® Bassinet, in a Nutshell

In bassinet mode, it –

✔ is a safe environment
✔ has easy mobility
✔ has ample storage
✔ is sturdy

Bonus: It can be converted for use as a co-sleeper.


All things considered, the Clear-Vue Co-Sleeper Bassinet was a good fit for us.

I was glad that Plum was easily accessible all the time.

And she slept peacefully, by my side, every night. 


P.S. If you want it, and find it in stock, RUN, don’t walk, to get it. I procrastinated and almost missed my opportunity. I got mine a mere three weeks before she was born. Talk about by the skin of my teeth!