Audio-Book Chronicles: I Found One I Like…I Think

I hate audiobooks!

Well, hate may be too strong a word, so let me walk that back.

Let’s just say that audio-books and I don’t vibe, most of the time. Though, I have had a lot of luck with Contemporary Romances.

Despite having tried other audio-genres, and finding myself disinterested, I wanted to give John Marrs’ The Passengers a shot.

So, I borrowed it from the library.

Synopsis: Eight people have their self-driving cars hacked. They each receive a message: in 2.5 hours, it is highly likely that you will be dead.

The passengers are – An expectant mom. A film star. A wife. Her husband. A suicidal man. A disabled war hero. An illegal immigrant. An abusive wife fleeing her husband.

Who lives? Who dies? You be the judge. But is there more to the passengers than meets the eye?

Long story short: I gave it 4 stars.

The first two parts were thrilling!

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