4 Exciting Board Games To Play with Family & Friends

Hey Y’all,

Today I thought I’d share some of my favorite board games with you guys. Each of these have been a HIT (and a HOOT) with my family.

So, whether you’re wanting games to play during family get-togethers, the Holidays, the barbecue, or just a Game Night with family or friends, these are 4 of my faves:

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Players: 6 – 20+
Contents: Clue Cards, Timer, Score-Keeping Card, Instructions

Do you like charades?

Well, Rollick is charades on steriods.

The only difference is that it has multiple actors, and 1 person guessing.

How to Play:

Split into 2, evenly divided, teams.

Team 1 will start with multiple actors, and 1 guesser. (Larger teams can elect to add a second guesser).

Members from team 2 will: hold up the cards that Team 1 has to act out, watch the timer, and keep track of the points.

Team 1 has to act out, and correctly guess, as many cards as they can before the timer runs out. They can only “pass” once.

They receive 1 point for each correct guess.

Play passes to Team 2 after the timer runs out, and play continues as such.

The Objective: To be the team with the most points after 3 rounds.

Rollick will get you out of your seat, and have you dying of laughter. It’s gets very competitive, while being a ton of fun. It’s great for parties and the more, the merrier.

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Players: 2-12
Contents: Board, Deck of Cards, Player Chips (4 Colors), Instructions

Are you a master at Tic-Tac-Toe? Do you like games that require a bit of strategy?

Well, Sequence might be the game for you.

The Objective: Be the first person (or team) to get 5 cards in a row, horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

How to Play:

The board is set up like a deck of cards, and each player begins with a couple of cards in-hand.

Player 1 kicks off the game. Let’s say you’re Player 1.

To place a chip on the board, you must have the corresponding card in your hand. Once played, it must be surrendered, and you’ll grab another card from the deck.

Play passes to the next person and they’ll do the same. And so on, until 1 person or team places 5 chips in a row.

To make things more interesting, there are 2 types of special cards: one that allows you to place a chip on any spot, the other allows to remove any chip from the board.

*Teams are not allowed to talk across the board.*

It sounds straightforward, but keep your eyes peeled. You’ll strategize to figure out how to win quickly and keep your opponent from winning before you do. It’s extremely competitive and very engaging.

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Players: 4+
Contents: Game Unit, Instructions

Are you good and guessing words based on clues? Are you good at giving clues? Were you a master at hot-potato, as a child?

Then, may I suggest Catch Phrase.

How to Play:

You’ll divide into 2 teams, with an equal amount of players on each team.

Seat yourselves in a circle, with the opposite team member on each side of you.

With the Game Unit in hand, the first person presses Start.

The first clue will be be shown in the window, and the timer will begin.

The player with the Game Circle will begin giving clues to their team.

The only things they cannot say are:

  1. It begin with letter X
  2. It rhymes with
  3. Any word in the clue
  4. Number of syllables for the word

Everything else is fair game, even gestures.

Once that player’s team correctly guesses the clue, the game unit is passed to the next person in the circle.

Play continues as such.

The timer will quicken as time begins to run out. Hurry, you don’t want to be left holding the Game Circle when the buzzer sounds, because the opposite team will get the point.

The can also score a bonus point if they’re able to correctly guess the word in the window. They only get one guess, though.

The Object: Be the first team to 7 points.

We’ve played this game for YEARS and we still get a kick out of it. It’s always a crowd-pleaser, and quite timeless. We get loud and rowdy with this one.

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Players: 2-8
Contents: Game Board, Letter Tiles, Timer, Clue Cards

Do you like Scrabble? How about Tug-o-War?

Word on the Street is similar, but more intense.

How to Play:

The board is set up like a street. The tiles (only consonants, no vowels) start in the “median” and there are 2 lanes on either sides of it.

You’ll split yourself into 2 evenly divided teams.

Team 1 pulls a clue card, reads it aloud, as Team 2 flips (and watches) the timer.

Let’s say the clue cards reads: Items on a Desk.

Team 1s goal is to present a word, aloud, that fits that category.

Let’s say Team 1 chooses:

Stapler – They’ll move letters S T P L R, once space toward their side of the board.


Tape Dispenser – They’ll move letters T P D S P N S R.

As with “tape dispenser”, if a word has more than one occurrence of the same letter, that letter tile is moved once per occurrence, so they’re able to move letters P and S twice.

Answers must be presented and tiles must be moved before time runs out. No touchy one the tiles after the times has run out, even if you aren’t finished.

Play passes to Team 2 and continues as such.

The Object: Be the first team to move 8 tiles off of your Team’s side of the board.

Word on the Street is fast-paced and intense. The timer runs out quickly so there isn’t a moment to waste. Very enjoyable and satisfying.

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Wrapping It Up

There they are guys, four of my favorite board games: Rollick, Catch Phrase, Word on Street, and Sequence.

I highly recommend.

All the Best,