Book Review: Virgil Wander by Leif Enger

There is some plotting though not the exhilarating, wild ride, kind. Rather it’s the slow down and savor the story, kind.

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Synopsis (No Spoilers)

Title: Virgil Wander | Author: Leif Enger | Published: 2018

In the old mining town of Greenstone, Minnesota – Virgil Wander accidentally drives off a snowy road, into Lake Superior.

Fortunately his only injuries are: a concussion, and being unable to recall most of his adjectives.

Told in first person perspective, we follow Virgil as he: recovers, rekindles old friendships, makes new ones, and manages his movie theater: The Empress.

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What I Liked

The pacing is what I enjoyed most about this story. It coaxes you forward as just the right speed, reminding me of a lazy Sunday afternoon.

I enjoyed that I got a sense of Greenstone. It’s essence is described so clearly, that it is a character in its own right. I felt like I was there, even though I never had been.

Could’ve Been Better

The pacing grew inconsistent during the last 80 pages. To be honest, I’m not entirely sure if it was me, or the novel. But I felt like it lost steam as it neared the end.

Final Thoughts

My Final Rating: 4 out of 5

This wholesome story endeared me. I liked Virgil, his friends, and his community. It’s as novel where not a lot happens, yet everything happens. And I was completely charmed.

If you’re looking for a story set in the American Midwest, or Minnesota, more specifically, and you don’t mind stories that head no where fast (on purpose) then you might dig this one.

Read some pages and see what you think.

Happy Reading!

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♥ Ash