I Read “The Ten Loves of Nishino”…Should You?

The Ten Loves of Nishino is a short Literary Fiction novel about ten women who fall in love with the same man over the course of his life.

Sounds interesting enough, right?

But, should you read it?

Let’s find out.

The answer might be yes, IF –

1. You’re Okay With Non-Linear Narratives

Does it bug you when a story is told non-sequentially? If so, do yourself a solid and skip this one.

Though, this might be a contender if you favor, or are unbothered by, non-linear narratives.

2. You Don’t Mind Multi-Perspective Stories

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Book Review: Virgil Wander by Leif Enger

There is some plotting though not the exhilarating, wild ride, kind. Rather it’s the slow down and savor the story, kind.

Heads up: Affiliate links ahead, which means I could earn a small fee if you make a purchase using one of these links.

Synopsis (No Spoilers)

Title: Virgil Wander | Author: Leif Enger | Published: 2018

In the old mining town of Greenstone, Minnesota – Virgil Wander accidentally drives off a snowy road, into Lake Superior.

Fortunately his only injuries are: a concussion, and being unable to recall most of his adjectives.

Told in first person perspective, we follow Virgil as he: recovers, rekindles old friendships, makes new ones, and manages his movie theater: The Empress.

See the official synopsis…

What I Liked

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