Book Review: The House on Half Moon Street by Alex Reeve

A transgender main character. A sex-worker’s murder. 1800’s Victorian London.

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Synopsis (No Spoilers)

Title: The House on Half Moon Street | Author: Alex Reeve | Published: 2018

Leo Stanhope is a transgender man working as a Coroner’s Assistant, during Victorian era London.

At the local brothel, he’s met and fallen in love with a sex-worker named Maria. Leo dreams of a better life for Maria and desires to settle down with her.

He pursues a courtship, inviting her to meet him at the theatre on a Sunday afternoon.

She stands him up.

The next day at work he finds Maria, deceased.

Believing her death was a murder, and determined to solve the crime (because the police won’t give it any attention), Leo sets out to find Maria’s killer.

What I Liked

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