Need a Gift for Your Book Nerd? 18 Good Options

Are you trying to figure out what to get for your Book Lover but you’re drawing a blank?

No worries, I’ve got you covered.

Check out these cute gift ideas for the reader in your life –

Gifts for Readers & Book Lovers

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Book lovers can never have enough books (even when our shelves are overflowing). So, this is absolute best gift you can give one.

Unsure which books to get?

No worries.

A gift card to their favorite book store works just as well.

Reader Tees

We readers love to proclaim that we are readers. And what better way to do that than with a t-shirt?

1. Cup of Tea and Books T-Shirt (unavailable). Here’s another cute tee for book lovers.
2. My Weekend is All Booked T-Shirt
3. Antagonist T-Shirt
4. My Weekend is All Booked Gray T-Shirt


If you’ve got a book lover and a jewelry lover, this is a match made in heaven.

5. Reader Bangle Bracelet
6. Quotes Stud Earrings
7. Just One More Chapter Bangle Bracelet


Coffee (or Tea) + Books = ♥

8. Book Life Mug
9. I’d Rather Be Reading Mug
10. Library Due Date Card Mug
11. Books Lover Ceramic Coffee Mug


Help your reader jazz up their living space using bookish decor with these gifts:

12. I Need More Books Pillow
13. Go Away I’m Reading Box Sign
14. Reader Sculpture
15. Woven Bookish Blanket

Bonus Idea: Reader Socks

They’re cute. They’re bookish. And they’ll keep your Reader’s tootsies warm.

16. Library Book Due Date Socks
17. F**k Off, I’m Reading Socks
18. Shh, I’m Reading Socks

The Wrap Up

There you have it, guys. 5 types of gifts + a bonus idea, that your reader is sure to love.

All the Best,
♥ Ash