Currently Reading: April 2020

Hey Y’all,

Just popping in.

How’s your reading going?

Mine is going ok.

To be honest, I’ve struggled to find the desire to read over the past few weeks, but I’m still managing a few pages here and there.

With that said, these are the books I’ve currently got on the go:

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One evening the stars and moon disappear from view.

In a phenomenon that becomes know as The Spin, humans discover that the earth has been enclosed in a membrane, rendering them unable to see the cosmos beyond.

With no knowledge of who or what created the membrane, or why, they realize that for each year that passes inside, 100 million years passes beyond it.

In a literal race against time, they’re tasked with figuring out how to preserve humanity, if it can be preserved at all.


Our narrator recounts important events in her life, and parallels them with notable artists, and artwork, that have impacted her.


A lawyer on probation finds himself in a sticky situation when a well-connected con man, who won’t take ‘no’ for an answer, attempts to recruit him to be a part of a scam.

Well, that it from me guys.

How about you; have you been reading lately? If so, what’s got your attention at the moment? Or have you been struggling to to read lately, similar to me?

All the Best,