A Robot in the Garden. Book Review.

That’s it guys: my final read of the decade.

I’ve gotta say, I enjoyed this heartwarming story about getting unstuck, wrapped in a tale of friendship.


Meet Ben. He’s married to Amy; she is smart, driven, and poised for success. Meanwhile, he spends his days in his pajamas, living off the money his parents left to him. But Amy wants more from their marriage, yet she hasn’t been successful in motivating Ben to strive for more. And she is fed up.

Early one morning, she notices a robot sitting against a tree in their yard. Not the sleek service Androids that are all the rage, but a rinky-dink, haphazardly thrown together, robot. She asks Ben to send it away.

But he’s determined that there is something special about this robot, even though he can’t explain why. So, he keeps it, much to Amy’s dismay.

After giving the robot a once-over, Ben notices that one of its cylinders is leaking fluid. Unable to repair it, and concerned for its survival, Ben and the robot embark on a quest to find, and return it, to its owner, before it’s too late.

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I liked it, ummm, I said that already.

Ok, let’s start with this –

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Book Review: Kumquat (A Rom-Com)

If you want to laugh out loud or if you like awkward, quirky characters, then this book might be for you.

But before we get in to the review, let me tell you what it’s about. Spoiler-free, of course.

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Kumquat by Jeff Strand, A Book Review
Title: Kumquat | Author: Jeff Strand | Genre: Comedy, Romantic Comedy | Published: 2014

Would you take a road trip with someone you just met?

35 year old Todd certainly wouldn’t.

Todd plays life safe – content with a run of the mill job,  unemployed-gamer roommate, and failed love life. That is, until he meets Amy at the Worst Film Festival of the Century.

She’s cute, quirky, and funny. She also doesn’t have much time to live.

Amy convinces Todd to step out of his comfort zone and the duo embark upon a 22 hour cross-country trip for an infamous hot dog.

Will they get their hot dog before her time runs out? 

Also – there may or may not be giant gummy bear tractors, men with hooks for hands, suspicious looking hitchhikers, ornery old ladies, stolen or damaged property, a hospital stay, and some vomiting. Maybe.

A quirky, hilarious, and entertaining read.

Read an excerpt… 

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